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편안하고 안전하다

3D 디지털 임플란트는 잇몸을 절개하지 않아, 출혈이 적고, 통증과 붓기가 적어, 환자분들이 편안하고 안전하게 수술을 받을수 있습니다.

네오 나비가이드시스템

디지털 임플란트 수술은 어떤수술인가요? 

Neo Navi Guide?

Neo Navi Guide is the newest navigation implant surgery through 3D computer simulation as it determines the optimal surgery plan with minimal or no incision of surgery and less pain.

Digital Implant

Merit of Digital Implant Surgery

No Incision

No need to open flap for surgery, so no need to suture after surgery

Less Bleeding

Due to no incision and no flap,

There is less or no bleeding.

Faster & Accurate

Due to planing with computer simulation before surgery, Operation time is faster than conventional method.

Less Pain & Swelling

Less pain and swelling due to no incision, no flap opening, and short chair time

Less Visit

No need to wait for tissue healing due to no incision and flap opening.

Neo NaviGuide is non-gingival incision surgery,

minimizing bleeding and pain.


Navigation Implant minimal incision surgery.

Fast recovery with low chance of inflation and infection, preventing unnecessary bleeding and swollen gum after surgery.

Regular incision implant surgery.

Regular implant surgery involves bleeding and swelling which leads to inflation, infection and greater pain.


Neo NaviGuide performs 

precise and safe surgery using digital stent 

Hi-tech surgery assist guide device (digital stent)

Immediate surgery is possible without gum opening with Neo NaviGuide device. Place an implant with Pinpoint accuracy through advance planning.

Current surgery method.

Gum opening is necessary and it's

difficult to locate exact spot to place an implant.  


Neo NaviGuide surgery time is about 10~15 minutes compared to

Current surgery time of 50 minutes (average 1 to 2 implant)

Short surgery time, fast recovery

No gum incision minimizes surgery time, allowing fast recovery for patients. Temporary crown is ready for patients immediately after surgery.

Long surgery time, slow recovery.

Gum incision surgery delay recovery period and makes patient uncomfortable with mouth open for long period of time. Temporary crown may take longer, making patients stay in pain and unaesthetic till crown delivery.

Neo NaviGuide works on with absolute confidence

after digital surgery simulation.


3D digital surgery simulation

3D digital surgery simulation provides absolute trust and confidence to satisfying result.

Implant placement based on 2D data.

Regular panorama x-ray alone requires dentists to perform surgery with limited oral data.

Less patient dental office visits

with customized crowns ready.


Customized Crown in advance

Crowns are ready to be placed on immediately after the surgery with computer data collected during Guide procedure.

Another patient visit to deliver crown. 

Traditional surgery procedure requires waiting period between implant placement and final crown delivery.

Immediate placement of

temporary crown when needed.


Temporary crowns are ready to

be placed on immediately after the surgery with computer data collected during Guide procedure.

Patient needs to wait about 30 to 50 minutes for temporary crown to be ready after implant placement.



1st Day

Visit dental office

CT scan & Take impression or Intra oral scanning

2~3 days

Design and Confirm the surgical stent by doctor

3~5 days

Surgical stent Fabrication from dental lab or dental office

10~14 days (Around 2weeks)

Safe and fast surgery with surgical stent.

Less Visit than Conventional implant surgery


Implant Surgery


CBCT and Impression

Digital Implant 



CBCT scan

1st Surgery

& Suture



2nd Surgery

Wait 2~3 months

* Visiting number would be changed depending on patient oral condition and tooth position.

Please ask to the dental office for more detail information and follow their guide line.






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